Yes, Organic SEO Still Matters

SEO presentation on a laptopIn the past couple of years, companies have stopped relying on organic SEO to obtain traffic and instead invest their budget on social media marketing and paid search.

While these digital marketing tactics really do deliver excellent results, digital marketing expert SEO Werkz states that organic SEO could help companies in ways that paid traffic just could not.

Save More Money for Marketing

Paid search could be an excellent investment depending on your campaign’s purpose and scope. However, paid search comes with some risk and might not always deliver the results you are looking for, so you need to be able to shoulder the losses if this is the case.

But because you craft an organic SEO campaign from relevant keywords and content published on your website, you won’t need to feed or pay for it, again and again, to make it work.

You could utilize organic SEO for building your website traffic and use your money to run social media and paid search campaigns on an as-needed basis, he adds.

Provide a Solid Foundation for your Brand

People commonly use social media marketing and paid search for garnering attention in the shortest time possible and are not for continuously driving traffic to your website. On the other hand, organic SEO campaigns have foundation on optimized content customized to particular searches.

Basically, traffic would keep coming and increase over time as long as you keep your organic SEO campaign on your website.

Roll Out a Multifaceted Digital Marketing Strategy

Combining social media and paid search advertising with organic SEO could benefit your business in many ways. Mainly, you could increase your traffic when you market to users who just might be curious or users who are really interested in what you have to offer.

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Also, you get to stay ahead of the competition that might only be focusing their online marketing efforts on paid search or social media.

Diversification is great, and all and some businesses fail to see the benefits that organic SEO could offer simply because they do not know how it works or it is just easier to pay for advertisements. Investing in organic results would help sustain you at times when you just cannot afford to pay for paid search.