Why Sandblasting Requires the Services of a Professional

Surface preparation by sand blastingA professional sandblaster should be your choice for abrasive cleaning services since the process requires extensive knowledge and experience.

Most people think that surface finishing entails simple techniques, yet what they don’t realise is the complexity of having to clean a surface without causing too much damage. In New Zealand, corrosion under insulation (CUI) is an example why you should leave the job for professionals.

Industrial Corrosion

CUI affects industrial or commercial facilities that have insulated equipment. Refineries, chemical plants, hospitals and even your local bakery use insulation. The challenging part about CUI involves its tricky occurrence. It happens inside insulated equipment unlike normal corrosion, which is visible and in plain sight.

Routine maintenance or inspection by a professional serves as a good solution to prevent the adverse effects of CUI. Otherwise, it can cause thinner metal linings for pipes or vessels that could lead to ruptured systems. The risks increase when the pipes are used for flammable or toxic substances under pressure.

Rules of Sandblasting

While expert assistance is ideal for sandblasting, it pays to know the basics of abrasive cleaning. Pay attention to the type of media used for each project, as each has a different composition and reaction to metal.

For instance, crushed glass can be a good option. This is different from glass beads since the crushed form has almost the same size of table salt grains. For CUI applications, you should consult a professional and ask the right kind of media for the project if crushed glass or glass beads are not suitable.

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Only a sandblasting professional knows the best way to solve corroded or damaged infrastructure. It can be tempting to do the work yourself, yet the money you save could be worth less than the money you need to spend in case your DIY project becomes unsuccessful.