Why It’s More Fun to Trade and Do Business in the Philippines

Philippine cityscape at night“It’s More Fun in the Philippines” is a tagline created by its Tourism Department to show the world that this country is a great place to visit. However, this motto can now apply even to the international business and trade industries as the Philippines is now making economic waves worldwide.

Read on to find out why this Asian archipelago is one of the best places to set up shop.

Expert Custom Brokers

Admittedly, one of the challenges of trading with the Philippines is the bureaucracy and red tape involved when dealing with customs. Continuous improvements and changes in government processes are constantly changing the required customs procedures.

However, there are knowledgeable and accommodating custom brokerage companies in the Philippines, such as Cheska Freight, that can facilitate smooth international cargo handling and delivery services for your company.

Thriving Economy

Buying and trading have increased over the past two years, and this booming trend is predicted by HSBC to continue until 2050. In the Global Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum, this country is ranked 47th, which meant an improvement of 37 ranks from five years ago.

And with the growing international trade industry, more and more companies are coming in which will add to the Philippine’s economic growth.

A Healthy Consumer Market

The Philippines is the fourth largest English-speaking nation in the world which makes it more open to western and international products. It has a population of more than 100 million, and 90% percent of this possible market is functionally literate.

Also, the continuous 2% annual population growth of this country will assure businesses of constant consumers through the years.

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These are just three of the many reasons your business should consider the Philippines as your next goal for trade and enterprise. Admittedly, there are challenges involved, but the benefits can easily outweigh them.

And with all these perks, it’s more likely that the tagline “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” can become a personal experience for even your business.