Why Cycling to Work in Singapore is a Good Idea

two people on bicycles
According to LTA, iA considerable number of major roads also had bicycle paths. In the ‘70s, though, cars exceeded bicycles, and the government took out cycle tracks from roads to make way for private vehicles. Recently, however, Singaporeans are reestablishing the bicycle culture.

Active commuting lowers body fat

A study in the UK reveals that cycling (and walking) to work reduces the percentage of body fat; men who cycled to work were 5kg lighter, while women were 4.4kg lighter than people who drove.

Individuals who used their cars as the only means of transportation had a higher percentage of body fat and body mass index.

Cycling to work reduces stress and promotes productivity

Part of a study published in Preventive Medicine shares that people who rode their bicycles to work experienced less stress and improved concentration. Both of which allow them to take on more tasks or projects at work.

Meanwhile, a separate survey reveals that 39% of people who cycled to work had more energy, and therefore, spent quality time with their partners and spouses. Of those surveyed, 66% said their relationships also improved.

A National Cycling Plan is in place

Cycling to work in Singapore has become popular not only for its health benefits and the positive impact on wellbeing. The city state’s extensive push for sustainable urban planning includes a cyclist-friendly and well-connected network, encouraging more Singaporeans to ditch their cars and get on their bikes.

Singapore is working towards a more progressive city living through different neighbourhoods. Paya Lebar Quarter, for example, will feature connected spaces and communities, making it easier for cyclists to get to work and back home. In between, with commercial spaces and lush green pockets, Singaporeans living in such areas can also combine work and play in one sustainable urban space.

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Car-free Sundays were only the beginning. With studies revealing the health and wellness benefits of active commuting, and Singapore’s plan for sustainable living, cycling to work makes perfect sense.