When Planning a Send-Off for a Loved One: Make it a Celebration of Life

Woman with rose visiting a wakeIf you must go, then you might as well check out in style, goes an adage that can serve you well when making funeral arrangements in Taylorsville from funeral homes such as McDougal Funeral Home.

While losing a loved one is a terrible thing, you don’t have to make it more heart wrenching than it already is. You don’t have to follow the more traditional way of viewing funerals as a sad affair. Instead of dwelling on the loss, make their funeral a celebration of a life well lived.

Doing so lets you hold on to the pleasant and joyful memories and the times that you shared together while they were alive.

Customize the send-off

Your choice of send-off determines the kind of mood that reigns on that day. Keeping in mind that this is more of a life celebration than a funeral, you can dispense with all the sad and depressing dirges. Rather, have some of the deceased’s favorite happy tunes playing in the background.

It lightens the mood while bringing some of your positive life experiences to the fore. At such difficult times, hanging on to happy memories is invaluable to your sanity. It also prevents the looming sadness from overwhelming you.

Give everyone a chance for closure

Not everyone gets a chance to pay their tribute during the funeral day and sometimes it makes hard for people to achieve closure. Thankfully, you can afford close family members an opportunity to say their goodbyes – in style.

If you are brave enough, you can have people scribble their farewell messages on the casket. You can use permanent markers or tap the handwritten notes on it. This way nobody gets excluded, and everyone gets to say his or her piece in the most intimate manner.

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However, be sure to get everyone on board before adopting such an approach to avoid disgruntlement that could ruin the occasion.

Sending off a loved one doesn’t have to be a plain or painful affair for all parties. With a little bit of creativity, you can lighten the mood and send them off in style.