What You Should Know about being Amazon-Competitive

Person using tablet for online shoppingThe studies back it up: with more than 275 million people in the United States using the Internet, e-commerce sites need to have online authority, or they can miss out on countless business opportunities. As an online merchant yourself, you need to up your ante and place your resources on digital marketing strategies that work.

This is especially true for Amazon, seeing that 75% of online shoppers do their business with this e-commerce and cloud computing company. And that’s not all: The fact that there are now more than 2 million sellers on this portal should prompt you even more to work on your techniques for spreading the good news about your products/services.

Being Amazon-competitive means knowing who exactly the competition is

You may not compete with the entire 2 million (plus) sellers, but you still have so many to compete with. It’s, for this reason, Helium 10 recommends that you increase your competitiveness, which means knowing who these competitors are.

By learning more about what other merchants do in your niche, such as their pricing methodologies, the types of marketing tactics they use, and the specific kind of products they sell, you can make the necessary changes and adjustments to your offers.

Is what you’re about to sell profitable?

In addition to getting to know more about who you’re competing with, you also have to verify the competitiveness of the products you want to sell. Remember: you’re selling to consumers, so you need to ensure these items are things that most people have interest in.

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Also, don’t focus mostly on trendy products. They may help you gain some profit quickly, but because you aim to have long-term success as an Amazon seller, make sure you put more of your resources on strong products – or those that always sell.