What Marketers Need to Know About Generation Z

A group of young people spending time together Recent strides to typify Millennials have had mixed results. Most have been hits and misses, all driven by the desire to master a unique demographic of consumers. However, as the Millennial generation begins taking on their second jobs and worrying about starting families, a new crew is taking over, giving marketers a new kind of headache. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome the Generation Z.

What is Generation Z?

This demographic includes those who are born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s. They’re kind of young, but they have quickly become a significant segment of the buying public. This generation relies heavily on digital interaction, and opportunities for brand penetration with them are plenty. A study by Kantar Millward Brown revealed some fascinating traits.

Likes Traditional Advertising

Despite gaining consciousness at a time when smartphones were necessary, this generation still listens to traditional TV and radio ads. While they dislike advertising and are more likely to be suspicious, it is interesting that they’d prefer traditional ads over new channels.

Advertising on their turf are the ones they dislike the most: search advertising and video ads for both mobile and desktop score low for agreeability. SMS advertising, with unmatched smartphone penetration, presents more opportunities.

Consumes Digital Content

The reason behind this aversion is most likely exposure. The Generation Z has earned consciousness in an already connected world, where the capacity for online advertising is already reaching a breaking point. Ads on web pages or other online content have lost their luster due to volume.

How to Win?

Marketing to Generation Z is a unique challenge that is, at times, so disconnected from the more familiar Millennial marketing. Innovation is definitely attention-grabbing; VR is particularly attractive to these young ones. They also love things they can participate in instead of just passively consume (e.g. Ice Bucket Challenge, Mannequin challenge, and all those “challenges”).

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There is no surefire way to market to Generation Z. Just as with Millennials, it will be an A/B testing that will determine the most effective ways to do so. The pointers above can help you sidestep fatal mistakes.