What Can Help You Retain Salon Customers?

Hairdressers Cutting Their Clients' HairServing the perfect hairstyle or flawless makeup is only the first step to retain and keep your customers happy. It shouldn’t stop there.

Getting clients to step in your salon is the easy part; getting them to return is the challenge. One wrong move may cancel a potential next appointment. Millennium Systems International, provider of salon booking software, laid out the following statistics:

  • 68% are unhappy with services they get
  • 14% think the products fall below their standards
  • 9% prefer the competition

How do you prevent such unfavorable customer opinions for your business? Practice the following:

Be Knowledgeable

For the Collectiv Academy, remaining competitive in the industry should not stop with gaining your license—it’s about nurturing your thirst for artistic growth and knowledge. Customers come back when they know their stylists or barbers know their trade by heart. One way to seal your authority is by consistently learning new styles, trends, and techniques.

Explore online for information on the recent trends; YouTube offers plenty of tutorials that keep you in line with hairstyles and makeup your clients might request. Also, it’s never too late to undergo advanced training with hairdresser or barber schools in Salt Lake City.

Remember: clients love a well-trained expert.

Improve Communication

Whether you’re a barber, hairdresser, or cosmetologist, one unique selling point that wins more clients is communication. It’s a vital factor in customer retention.

A good listener makes a good hairdresser or barber because they know what the client wants. The consultation is the most important part of your customer’s appointment; this usually sets the tone for their entire visit. When you understand their preferences, you will deliver the best results—and encourage them to come back.

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Flexibility Matters

Some things will be out of your control; clients will cancel whether you like it or not. It can be stressful, but keep yourself from worrying too much. Instead, work around your client’s schedules. Being a team player shows you prioritize the clients. It’s one way of showing great customer service.

Displaying these traits shows salon customers that they are number one. Keep training. Communicate well. Be flexible. And you’ll ensure clients will come back—with their friends in tow, of course.