Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your SEO Ranking

Social Media button on a keyboard with speech bubblesMost businesses focus on online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Third Stage Marketing notes that digital marketing and SEO are in fact interwoven strategies. Both focus on attracting visitors to your site and building your identity.

Social media might not be a direct factor in Google search rankings, but it can significantly improve your SEO. Getting a third-party company to spearhead your social media marketing is crucial. Here are some effective ways you can boost your SEO rank using social media.

Ask Followers to Use External Links to Your Pages

Social media networks are an excellent place for building natural backlinks to your company website. You can tie your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your company blog pages. This creates a link to new blog posts automatically on your profiles. The more your external links go to your website, the higher your ranking on Google.

Build Your Brand Awareness

Though you might have a superior product, you won’t make profits if nobody knows about it. Use your social media pages to build brand awareness and place your product in front of the right audience. Social media has a worldwide reach. If you can expand your audience, you ultimately increase your clicks on search engine results.

Crowd-Source Online to Get Content Ideas

Original and quality content is one way to boost your search engine ranking. Your networks are the best place to find good and original ideas for your marketing content. Ask your online community what they are looking for and pay attention to their answers. Make sure you remain active on all platforms so that your audience can relate better to you.

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Your online audience also is the best critics of your services and products. They give you the best opportunity to learn what you should keep doing and what needs changing. Acting on positive criticism will help you grow your brand and build effective marketing strategies.