Ways to Leverage YouTube for Your Content Marketing Campaign

Youtube On ScreenVideo marketing is quickly becoming the go-to medium when it comes to content marketing. Most people prefer watching videos instead of reading a thousand words article. Videos convey your brand message effectively because you get to display the emotions you want and the tone of voice that may influence the decision of a viewer.

Every online marketing company in Utah, including Concept Marketing, would agree that there are effective ways to leverage YouTube to deliver the results you want.

Publish diverse content

The best video content marketers publish more content than their competition. They distribute videos of varying lengths, from as short as 30 seconds to as long as 20 minutes. They understand their audience and know the balance between short content that attracts attention and those that require in-depth analysis and more information. Simply getting many views is a deceptive metric; what you need more is engagement.

Engaged viewers not only click and watch a great video until the end; they also share, comment, react and even tag friends or post it on social media. This is the result you want; the call-to-action in the end of the video is your clincher. You want a viewer to take a decisive action, whether to buy or sign-up.

Integration of web content and YouTube

Effective video marketing campaigns combine web content and videos. The majority of business-oriented YouTube channels have consistent branding efforts. Doing so boosts page rank and keeps your brand message on point, regardless of where traffic is coming from.

Engage your community

An audience is around 10 times more likely to share, comment, and engage when you publish videos compared to other types of content. Other than just a repository for videos, YouTube is a useful platform to build and interact with your online community.

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These are just some of the strategies that will allow you to maximize the use of YouTube as a part of your online marketing campaign. Implementing these is a good way to reach a wider audience and gain a higher conversion rate.