Venue Seating Arrangement: Here are 4 Options

stadium seatsIf you’re organizing a paid event, one of your concerns is the seating arrangement. The right style ensures that you maximize the space and accommodate more people comfortably.

Depending on the event, you have various ways to arrange a venue. Here are some of them:

Tiered seating

One of the most significant problems of standard theater seating is not everyone can see the stage clearly. It’s because the seats are on the same level. Having stadium seating systems is a way to correct this. Every level is an inch or two higher than the first, and there’s an aisle to give everyone ample space to move.

Not all tiered seating systems are flexible, though. If you want to change yours quickly, you can consider using specialized foams instead for starters.

U-shaped seating

As its name suggests, you arrange the chairs in a U shape. It, therefore, leaves a lot of room at the center for presentation. It’s better than the boardroom setup, especially since everyone can see the presenter clearly. You can also place a desk for taking notes. It is, however, not the best way to take advantage of space. It is ideal only for small gatherings such as business meetings and pitches.

Cabaret-style seating

The cabaret-style seating is a formal one. You can typically find it in awards shows or galas. It’s similar to a banquet except that you arrange the chairs in an arc. It is excellent if you want to separate your guests, perhaps according to affiliation. But it’s also not the best if you’re going to make the most of your space since tables can take a good size of the venue.

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Classroom-style seating

There are different ways to do the classroom setup. One is traditional, where every person may have his or her armchair. The other is to have a table shared by two or more people, depending on the size. Like the tiered system, it can hold more people than the cabaret or the U-shaped seating.

Whichever seating arrangement you prefer, always place the comfort and safety of the guests or attendees. This way, they will look forward to your next event.