Use an Ergonomic Office Chair Instead of a Regular One

A man sitting at a proper position in his office chairYou have probably read it in articles before: Scientists and health experts say that sitting down for long hours can kill. Research shows that prolonged sitting has links to many different ailments such as cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, depression, and other health problems. How then can you fight against the dangers of sitting down when you spend most of the day sitting for work?

Ergonomic Chair

You can order office chairs online and choose ergonomic office chairs, which, according to science, offers the best defense against the hazards of sitting. In one study, musculoskeletal ailments decreased in office workers who used ergonomic chairs. Of course, use of the ergonomic chair needs to be complemented with periodic standing and walking.

Ergonomic chairs can support your lower spine, encouraging good posture while sitting. At the same time, you also receive support for your arms, head, and torso. These chairs can be quite comfortable as well as they can be adjusted to fit the proportions of those who sit on them.

Support and Adjustability

To choose an ergonomic chair for your office, you can look for a chair model that offers an adjustable seat height and enough seat width and depth for users in your office. Of course, the lumbar support counts as an essential feature of an ergonomic chair. Look for a model that allows adjustment for the lumbar support.

Comfort and Convenience

The backrest also needs to have adjustable angles. A backrest width of 12 to 19 inches is preferable too. For the seat material, you simply have to make sure that the chair remains comfortable even after long periods of sitting. Finally, a great ergonomic chair will have adjustable armrests and a swivel.

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You can easily find many great ergonomic chair models with the features mentioned here. With these chairs, you and your colleagues will soon stay safe from sitting dangers even after hours upon hours of work sitting down. As long as you remember to stand up, walk, and exercise too, you can stay perfectly healthy.