UK High Street Retailers’ Poor Digitalisation Leads to Weaker Business

digital marketing planWeak store sales are no longer just the concern of most high street retailers that struggle to remain afloat in the U.K., as online retail comes as the biggest threat to their business.

If your market focuses on Greater London, you can choose to hire a professional who specialises in web design in Beckenham or Croydon. An online presence will be one of the many important things you should consider to promote your brand; otherwise, you risk closing shop in the near future.

Online Strategies

Adopting digital technologies doesn’t mean you should abandon the old-fashioned way of selling products. Online strategies should just complement them. Instead of focusing on boosting your online activity, it’s better to adopt a multichannel approach. This simply means that companies should find ways to make it easier for customers to shop from their stores whether online or offline.

Some companies today use a tool that allows shoppers to notify staff about an item pick-up after buying the product from the online catalogue. Some items at the retailer’s stores can be scanned with a mobile phone to check if it comes in different colours and sizes.

Seamless Distribution

Other than good web design, high street retailers should learn how to market their products beyond the concept of an online catalogue. Online marketers can provide a great solution to make your products reach more customers.

By adopting multiple digital approaches, your brand can take advantage of e-commerce’s growing share of retail transactions. Reports have estimated the increase in sales to reach between 17 per cent and 18.8 per cent in April, up from just 16.1 per cent year over year.

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Online strategies are no longer just an option, but rather a necessity to sustain your business. Otherwise, competition from online retailers may force more brands to shut down and seek business elsewhere.