Top Jobs: Most In-Demand Occupations in the UK

Man holding a resumeSeveral sectors have a shortage of skilled labour. This may affect the economy if the positions are not filled up quickly. The situation is a complete turnaround from when the recession was at its peak. While hundreds of people at that time frantically searched for jobs across the country, today, the employers are the ones looking for skilled workers.

Top 10 Jobs in Need of Workers in the U.S.

Every year, the government releases a list of the most in-demand jobs in the UK; more or less the same positions that urgently need applicants. In 2016, 40 out of 56 cities had more jobs than job seekers. This year, employers are seriously considering pay increases as businesses are running short of workers.

Engineering, however, is a consistent part of this list. With the engineering positions available all the time, engineering recruitment specialists will never run out of jobs to offer to aspiring engineers.

For those looking forward to joining the workforce, here are some in-demand jobs in 2017 that would likely stay popular in 2018:

IT/Technology – As technology continues to evolve, more people who are experts in this field are needed to help other companies keep up with the times and get a one up on their competitors.

Construction – Structures cannot be made without a crew. As long as the construction industry is booming, related jobs will continuously be needed.

Engineering – No matter what kind of engineer they are, engineers will always be in demand. It is a difficult position to fill, despite the many benefits. As of 2016, there is a shortage of 1.8 million engineers in the country.

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Business analyst – As new and old businesses grow, experts in analysing the company’s strengths and weaknesses are always needed to help them succeed.

Skills Shortage

A report by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) said 42 percent of companies have no way of increasing their output without increasing their current workforce. Not many companies have had to provide an increase, with about 58 percent of firms offering pay rises compared to the previous survey’s 68 percent.

No matter the year, however, there’s no end in sight for engineering positions, because as long as there are things to build or fix, engineers will be needed.