Tips To Hire a Limo For Less

LimousineHiring a limousine can make any occasion memorable. It can be a simple show of hospitality for an important guest, or a treat for someone special on days of celebration. Hiring a limo has become increasingly popular for weddings, proms, and even corporate events. Limousines are quite expensive and are incredibly harder to maintain. It is quite understandable that a lot of people think that it would be equally as expensive to hire one even for a day. However, if you know how to pull the ropes, you could hire a limo for less. Here are the best tips to make that happen:

Polish the Details

Before you go hunting for a provider, make sure that you have all the details polished. Make a list of the people involved: how many will be riding the limousine? There are five-seaters, six-seaters and the longer ones complete with its own party paraphernalia. Determine the kind of service that you want. It could be a simple pick-up and drop, or it could be a short city tour.

Most importantly, you have to determine the date and the location. You have to compute for the distance of the ride, as well as the demand for limos on the date you intend to hire it. Where are you going and where is your provider located? This brings us to the second and third tip.

Go Local

When you pay for airfare or bus tickets, you aren’t informed of how much fuel you spend or how much gas your trip consumed. When you hire a limousine, you’re paying less for the car and more for the gas and the driver’s hours. Going with a local provider would be the best option as the car would be in the immediate area, and the driver would be more familiar with the usual routes and destinations. There are also higher chances that your friends and acquaintances already have prior experience with the local provider – this would make the choice easier.

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Check the ‘peak’ seasons

Everything is more expensive during peak seasons. It’s basic economics: more demand means better opportunities to earn. As the number of vehicles don’t change with the rise of demand, providers can jack up prices. It becomes a “take it or leave it” situation. Book in advance. If you’re booking for a June wedding, a spring break event, or a Christmas celebration – confirm the dates and book early. Early booking could also mean bigger discounts.

Check online reviews

Finally, check the reviews once you have a narrow list. Customers are more inclined to share bad reviews than good reviews, so bad reviews would be both glaring and honest. Check the official site and the social media accounts of the providers on your short list and see how their performance are.

Compare notes with friends and ask for recommendations. Book in advance and do not be afraid to ask for discounts. There are many options for a limo hire, and these providers are all professionals. It’s just a matter of whose services would fit your preference best.

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