Tips on Selecting the Right Spraying Equipment

Buying Spraying EquipmentSpraying is among the essential steps that a farmer should conduct to protect their plants from pest infestation and plant diseases. Therefore, choosing the right sprayer is essential to meet your goals.

If you are not sure of the features that you need in spraying equipment, consult sprayer manufacturers for advice on the best sprayer to suit your needs. However, answering the following questions will be a good start in narrowing down your choices:

What nozzle do you want in a sprayer?

The nozzle of a sprayer controls the amount of fluid that comes out of your spraying equipment as well as the speed at which the fluid dispenses. The appropriate nozzle should minimise the chances of spray drift, deliver the right amount of fluid and meet the requirements of your fluid.

How much time and effort do you want to spend?

Buying small spraying equipment is cheap, but you will spend a lot of time spraying your crops. On the other hand, investing in expensive large spraying equipment makes your work faster and easier. Balancing the effort and time factors in your spraying tasks will help you choose the appropriate sprayer.

What are the weather conditions?

Although you might only need to spray a specific area, you should consider protecting the nearby areas. Therefore, natural factors such as the speed of the wind, temperature and moisture levels affect your spraying results. Your sprayer should deliver the fluid in the right amount and to the targeted area alone.

What crops do you intend to spray?

Different plants have varying needs, and you should consider this when buying a sprayer. For example, spraying small crops require you to use a sprayer that delivers a large volume of fluid and at high pressure.

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It is essential that you first assess your spraying needs to determine the features that you need in spraying equipment.