Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy While in School

kids eating pasta at schoolChildren are vulnerable to different types of illnesses. Unlike adults, kids are still in the growing or development stage, making their immune systems more susceptible to contracting infections and other health issues.

Though health practices should always start from home, schools also have a role to play in ensuring that children stay on the healthy track.

Clean surroundings

Schools are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs, so merely sweeping the floor and wiping the tables are not enough. Schools must hire a professional that specializes in commercial cleaning service in San Diego to make sure that every classroom and office is sanitized and disinfected. A thorough cleaning of the entire school will not only protect the health of the students, teachers and staff but also encourage a positive learning environment.

Eating the right type of food

Teachers must not only help students identify healthy food from junk; eating a well-balanced meal must also be encouraged. The lesson, however, should not end inside the classroom. Even parents should be reminded to serve healthy dishes at home. Moreover, school cafeterias must practice serving food beneficial to a growing child.

Developing healthy habits

It is not enough for teachers to talk about proper hygiene inside the classroom. Schools must also make sure that side-by-side guidance is applied when it comes to washing hands, throwing waste into the appropriate bin, and sneezing, coughing or blowing one’s nose in public. More importantly, lessons on preventing and treating head lice must be incorporated.

Finally, schools must keep students active by setting up competitions or sporting events. Exercise and other physical activities can help control weight, build strong bones, prevent depression and reduce the risk of developing ailments from heart disease to cancer. And hydration must also be emphasized including the importance of drinking eight glasses of water a day to improve brain function.

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