Three-Point Guide to Planning the Perfect Family Vacation

Family going on a vacationA vacation brings a family together in a great way. It’s also gives everyone a chance to take a break from the hectic schedules of daily life and just relax and unwind. As such, it’s good to note that the key to having a successful and stress-free vacation all lies in proper planning.

How do you prepare for a family vacation? Aside from choosing a fun place to go like Singapore, here is a guide that will ensure your holiday goes on smoothly.

Make a list of fun activities

What fun activities you enjoy doing together as a family? Is it swimming, yachting, or just taking an evening walk on a sandy beach? Make a list of these events making sure that every family member is considered. This list will help you narrow down the potential places where you can take your vacation. It will also help when you get to your destination since you will be able to plan the activities for each day to save time.


Once you have settled on the place, you want to go for your vacation, take time and do your research. Read the tour books; listen to the available podcasts that will give you more information. Also, watch some DVDs that tell you more about the pace you are visiting. Know about the culture and tourist attractions you can visit.


This is where it gets tough especially when you have small children. It becomes a problem because you don’t know what to pack and what to leave behind. Still, you shouldn’t have very bulky luggage. The trick is to begin packing early and avoid the last-minute rush as you are likely to forget important items. Since you already have an idea of the activities you are going to do, pack according to that guide. Roll your clothes instead of folding them. Also, ensure the heavy garments go first as the suitcase will compress well. Be sure to put the toiletries on top for easy access.

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The amount of fun you are going to have during your vacation will depend greatly on how well you prepare. The above guide will come in handy in helping you prepare for your next family vacation.