Things You Should Not Do at a Company Event

Employees in a company partyThere are standard parties throughout a calendar year. They help to break the monotony of work and create a sense of camaraderie among the employees. Holidays are occasions to have fun. The Fourth of July and Christmas are reasons for a party. Company events also call for a party. Company anniversaries, annual picnics, and the start of the year are a time for celebration. According to, these company events can be legendary, but some things should not be done.


Even with all the preparations, the success of a party depends on the attendees. If they have enjoyed the party, then it’s great. The important thing to remember is that it is a company function. The partygoers should not drink too much. It is common for company parties to have the two-drink rule. This ensures that the employees would not misbehave and that they can still drive afterwards.

Moreover, having a buffet table is a convenient way of serving food. However, a buffet is not a license to overindulge.


Mingling is encouraged. People should be able to talk to others without hogging any single person. The chats should steer away from company matters. This is an opportunity to get to know other employees. It is also not the best time to air grievances or complain about the office. Employees let their hair down but should not get carried away doing so. They can be chummy with the bosses, but not disrespectful or rude.

Having a party is a part of company culture. Attendance is not mandatory. Being late is frowned upon, and leaving early is just as bad. An office party is still a corporate-sponsored event. You are expected to attend, except if you have a prior commitment. The employees should try their best to enjoy it.

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Company parties are meant for the employees’ enjoyment. However, there are simple things to remember for everyone to have fun, socialize, and enjoy the event.