The Taste of Your Big Day: Food-Tasting Guidelines

Woman tasting foodThe beautiful bride and the dashing groom may be the main attractions of the wedding. But once everyone is already at the reception, people will then focus on what’s on their plate. There is no denying that food can grab anyone’s attention. So you may want to do your best when it comes to this aspect of your wedding.

Food tasting is an important part of the wedding preparation. If you do not know where to start, here are some pointers you may want to keep in your list:

Keep it theme-based

If your wedding is running on a theme, you should see to it that every aspect is consistent—including food. Are you having your celebration at a Malay wedding venue in Singapore? It will be nice if you will serve Singaporean or any other Asian dishes.

Bring your friends

It pays to take some of your family members and your friends during the food tasting process, so you can diffuse any bias you have toward certain dishes. Other people’s opinion matters, especially from those who have food issues, such as allergies. Before you take them to the tasting event, brief them about what they should expect. You may also want to keep the group small to make decision-making easier and faster.

Pay attention to every aspect

Do not just focus on the look of the food. You should pay attention to how it tastes and how it complements the other dishes on the proposed menu. Ask how each dish is prepared. If you like a dish but do not favour one aspect of it, such as sauce or garnish, you can have it adjusted. Do not forget the drinks!

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You may want to take some pictures of each dish so that you can easily remember what it tastes like. This is especially true when you are attending two or more food tasting events. Your choice of dishes and drinks will have a big impact on the entire wedding celebration and reception. Make sure you choose the right items for the menu.