The Sweet Event: Hosting an Ice Cream Social

ice cream in metal cup on kitchen table backgroundWhile barbecue parties are a big hit with everyone, it is not the only type of event that can wow your friends. If you want something unique and sweet, hosting an ice cream social is worth considering. Apart from being easier to organize, both adults and children love frozen treats, which will then make your party exciting and memorable.


Ice creams flavor today are endless, so you may be wondering what flavors to serve. It is best to stick with basics or plain ice cream like vanilla and chocolate. If budget permits, ice cream catering companies in Utah suggest treating guests with exotic-flavored treats. If your selection is not that big, be sure to provide various sauces and toppings.

Multiple Toppings

An ice cream party would not be complete without toppings. It is best to put them in glass containers with different serving spoons. Classic ones include sprinkles, nuts, small cookies, crushed candies, caramel sauce, and hot fudge. Other creative and unique toppings include bacon bits, coffee jelly cubes, local honey, cocoa nibs, and much more.

Table Setting

You may not need to worry about table setting if you’re hiring an ice cream catering company. You still, however, can have control over the set-up of the table. Long tables are an excellent choice, as they let you serve ice cream like a buffet. You also need to have a separate table for sauces and toppings. Display tags in each item to help guest know what they are choosing.


You don’t necessarily need to offer other meals, but be sure to provide some refreshments. You don’t have to provide a lot of drinks, but be sure to have some iced tea, lemonade, or glow water. There are also plenty of non-alcoholic beverages that your guests will surely enjoy.

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An ice cream party can give friends and loved ones the pleasure and treat they often deny themselves. Ice cream, toppings, and sauces can also bring out your and your guest’s inner child.