The Survival List for Those Who Have Been Dumped

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Being dumped by someone you’ve loved for a long time is never a good thing. However, it can happen to anyone despite one’s efforts to keep the relationship strong.

During these troubled times, take action with this shortlist to get over being dumped:

Distance Yourself

It’s so easy to say yes to your ex’s request of “staying friends,” but you might find it hard to follow through. Best that you avoid them for a while, so you have time to breathe and recover. Ask for a leave from work and have a “staycation.” If you can afford it, hop on one of the affordable flights from South Bend to New York and just chill in another city. This is one time that the term “getting away” should be taken literally.

Do Good

Sometimes the best way for you to manage internal issues is to help other people who have worse problems than you. Ask around for possible charity drives and events where you can lend a helping hand. Find causes that require regular volunteers and commit a few hours of your time. This will give you new perspective and purpose while it distracts from your personal problems.

Don’t Keep It in

The statement, “It’s alright to cry” is wise advice. Keeping it all inside and acting strong despite the inner turmoil may give you some sort of strength, but it’s not healthy for both your mind and body. Take time to find a silent nook and just grieve for what you’ve lost. When the time comes and you feel that you can already manage it, find it in yourself to forgive your ex for what happened.
Finally, if recovery means that you need to clean up your social media sites, text messages, and home, so be it. Despite being abandoned, you need to stand up again and survive. After all, you need to let go of the past before you can have a better future.

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