The Importance of Plastic Recycling

Three plastic bagsPeople use plastic products every day, but this love affair with plastic has had devastating consequences for the planet. For many business owners, they have to find ways to continue doing their business without causing harm to the environment. This has meant recycling for many manufacturers.

The world looked on in horror as many marine mammals such as sperm whales started washing ashore in multiple countries. Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, France and the UK all discovered them breached and either dead or dying. In the first three months of 2016, the death toll for the whales reached 30.

Polluted Oceans Kill Wildlife

Four of the whales found breached had large quantities of plastic in their stomachs, including pieces of plastic buckets and even car parts. When mammals and birds ingest plastics, it can cause death, either by suffocation or by blocking the bowels.

How Businesses Can Tackle Pollution

Business owners can set an example and become leaders in keeping the environment clean. Ethical business practices will also improve the company’s reputation and help increase the number of customers.

1. Hire Waste Management Services

Professional commercial waste removal services in Sydney can take care of waste management for local companies. They can advise on the safe containment of waste, remove it and dispose of it in a way that does not cause pollution. They also ensure that businesses comply with regulations regarding hazardous waste.

2. Swap Plastic for Pottery

Offices can swap plastic coffee cups for earthenware mugs. Plastic cutlery can also be swapped for metal knives and forks. Food establishments could also provide a refill service for bottled drinks.

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3. Recycle

Used plastics can be recycled for different uses. Doing so will prevent it from ending up in the ocean.

4. Ban Plastic Bags

Banning plastic bags and offering cloth alternatives go a long way to reduce pollution.

5. Choose Biodegradable Packaging

If the company’s products come in plastic packaging, why not invest in biodegradable alternatives like recycled cardboard or cornstarch? These investments can be an attractive proposition to their target market.

These are just some of the ways responsible businesses can help take care of the planet. Any company should find ways to find a waste disposal management service that is ethical and uses best practices.