The Illusion of Space: Homeowners Rely on Glass Walls

Dream HomeForget dreaming about a room with a view because residents today now want a view in every room of their home. Modern technology allowed living in a fishbowl as a more functional option, despite some difficulties that come with it. Large stretches of glass are now architecturally acceptable for traditional and modern houses. They can even get balustrades at United Glass to design their balcony and staircases.

The Charm of the Modern Dream Home

Homeowners’ attraction towards more open floor plans along with combined living room and kitchen spaces led to the need for creating bigger stretches of glass. The increasing desire for tax incentives and rebates as well as the need for more energy efficient windows paved the way for the trend.

The open floor plan is currently the design everybody wants. They are craving for bigger windows and more light to fully enjoy the view, such as the renowned Stahl House. The technological innovations made it possible for all windows set up in homes to have special, invisible coatings that prevent heat and stop ultraviolet rays from damaging the furniture.

Most people also utilize double or triple panes that contain krypton or argon gas in between. It helps with the insulation during cold weather. There are even window glasses coated with titanium dioxide that discards dirt and gets rid of water spots.

The Challenges of the Modern Dream Home

Yet, the beauty of the modern dream home comes with challenges. Glass walls might give you the dream view, but there will also be upkeep issues. Regardless of technological advancements, glass still does not insulate as well as those walls jammed with insulation.

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Nevertheless, homeowners are still willing to fill their floors to ceiling with as much glass as they can. Builders now have to be sharper in positioning the roof overhang to be able to get most of the sunlight and be careful not to block it out.