The Elegant and Eco-Friendly Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrade in a office buildingThe modern home is easy to clean, spacious and makes intelligent use of space. For those with a stairwell, expert glazier Auckland Glass Ltd recommends frameless glass balustrades. This modern construct is elegant and allows for several design advantages.

Light and Space

The primary reason for having a glass balustrade for your staircase is elegance, but other advantages contribute to these aesthetic characteristics. Glass does not block the light; it lets in light creating an environment, which seems to be airy and free from distractions.

The staircase and the room look bigger than they are. Like in any other environment, having more light creates a brighter, more cheerful room. Also, a more brilliant room requires less lighting, resulting in energy savings.

Another benefit of a clear glass partition is the sensation of space. Visitors perceive more space than the actual measurements of a place. This is also true of the rest of a building. Traditional balustrades designate the edge of the staircase. It is a wall, even if it was made of wrought iron.

The lines force the mind to think of limited space. Transparent glass, on the other hand, creates the illusion that there is an edge, and that the space extends beyond it. This makes the user think there is more space on the stairwell, or that the stairs extends beyond the glass.

Eco-Friendly and Easy Maintenance

Glass is an eco-friendly material; you can melt it down and reuse it, creating other shapes. You can refurbish and repurpose it into other forms and used in other functions. It also happens to be easily maintained. For daily cleaning, a soft cloth can be used to clear away dust.

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You can also use regular glass cleaners, as well as home do-it-yourself glass cleaners mixed with everyday ingredients.

Modern structures have a re-imagined glass for use in creative ways around the house and in buildings. A glass balustrade is an easy level up in terms of glamour and elegance. Besides the above advantages, it also lasts a long time.