The Dos and Don’ts for Wedding Favors

A wooden plaque that says wedding, pointing to a direction If you’d had to blame anybody for this added stress to your wedding day in Minneapolis, Minnesota, then you’d have to condemn the French. Besides worrying about your wedding tent rental, it seems like you also have to plan those giveaways. They started this custom of giving gifts to their guests during weddings.

Even though they mainly gave boxes of sweets before, like candied almonds, wedding favors can now be unique for each couple. Below are the dos and don’ts to consider when choosing your wedding souvenirs.

DO think outside the box.

If you and your husband-to-be aren’t into wedding favors, then you could just donate the money on behalf of your guests. Let them know how they’ve helped by putting a note on every place setting or table.

DON’T force yourself to have them.

Wedding favors are thank you gifts to your guests for being a part of your big day, but that doesn’t mean that you have to have them. Weddings are pricey, which is why you shouldn’t be abashed if you can’t afford to include souvenirs. Your guests will surely enjoy your wedding day, no matter what.

DO personalize your wedding favors.

If you want your wedding favors to fit your bridal theme, there are plenty of inspirational ideas online. Consider cupcakes with your initials, monogrammed gift bags, and beer or wine bottle labels. Your creativity is the limit with this one.

DON’T be ashamed of group gifts.

Instead of individual souvenirs, give families or couples just one gift. This will help you cut down on the costs since most will be attending with their close relatives.

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You give gifts to your guests as a symbol of your appreciation, but you can always stick to simple thank you notes. They will still feel your gratitude no matter what you give them.