The Different Means to Guarantee Profit with Content Marketing Tactics

Woman happily reading contentsContent marketing has witnessed a massive growth in the recent years. Based on The State of Content Marketing in 2017 by PointVisible, 73 per cent of B2C and 70 per cent of B2B businesses intend to produce more content this year. Most of them understand the power of online marketing in this day and age, but Singapore-based experts note that some businesses are still unaware of the efforts that it takes to achieve success. If you do want to see your content efforts on your ROI early on, let the following serve as your guide:

Share a Fascinating Story

From movies to books to songs, the human brain is bound to enjoy a great story. Use this to your advantage by integrating storytelling into your online marketing strategy. You could even get personal — it makes content more compelling. So do not be afraid to tell them the struggles of how you started your business.

By putting a spotlight on your flaws, you are humanising your business and making it seem more trustworthy to your customers. Ensure that you also inform them regarding the lessons you learned and your growth process.

Lend a Hand

As proven by psychology, businesses form better relationships with consumers if you assist them in solving issues on their own. By offering free, useful, comprehensive and transparent advice, you brand yourself as an industry expert that they will go to whenever they need help. It will depend on your business, but you can do this by offering them free recipes or DIY articles.

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As a tactic, content marketing will never be a quick process. This does not mean, however, that you will not get to observe small ROI developments early. Determine your campaign goal before testing different strategies. As soon as you discover one that works best, continue with it.