Tent Rental: Should You Go for Transparent Roofing?

Woman Camping Out in the WildernessTent rental has been a popular choice for outdoor events. Apart from giving you shade and protecting you from different outdoor elements, it has become a flexible choice for events that need a big space for their activities.

Tents today come in different types suited for various occasions. ClearSpan tent rental, which features transparent roofing, is the latest development, and people in the events planning industry are enjoying it. In case you’re not aware, here are some of the benefits ClearSpan tents provide:

Party under the Sky

Whether you’re holding the event in broad daylight or at night, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the view. Who doesn’t want to party away under clear blue skies or starry nights? It’s like having a grand picnic but in a more comfortable setting.

Instead of giving your guests a boring ceiling when they look up, they’ll appreciate seeing the clouds or the moon and stars even more. You will save money on hanging decorations, too. The sky can give it to you, free of charge.

Save on Lighting

You’ve probably heard or read about the benefits of natural light. Well, you’ll appreciate it more if you apply it to your event. Renting a tent with transparent roofing means you don’t have to install any kind of lighting. The sun will give you enough light to illuminate your event.

If the event will drag until the late afternoon to night time, then that’s the only time you’ll need lighting. Less use of lighting means less use of electricity. Your bills will go down, which is a good thing if you’re on a budget.

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There’s more to transparent roof tents than you can imagine. On top of transparent roofing, ClearSpan also offers hybrid tents that have built-in windows or transparent sidewalls, an ideal choice for large events in wide and open locations, such as trade shows and concerts. Why not try it for your event to see for yourself? You might be surprised.

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