Stay Low-Key or Go All Out: Heirloom vs. Designer Wedding Dresses

Champagne and a wedding dress in the backgroundYour dress should be one of the highlights of your wedding day. This puts a fundamental question to light: should you keep everything low-key with an old dress or should you go all-out with a brand-new designer piece?

These days, it’s a lot easier to find stunning designer wedding dresses. At the same time, more brides are opting to use dresses that their mums and grandmothers wore on their wedding days. If you are torn between these options, here are some things to consider:

Vintage Brides

Today’s frugal brides are turning to their grannies for bridal gown inspiration, with some brides wearing pieces that date back as far as 150 years. From diamond embellishments to vintage lace, heirloom wedding dresses are prized possessions that do not only bring an air of rustic glamour but also serve as a fitting homage to the brides’ ancestors.

As weddings are usually family-focused occasions, wearing a dress that connects generations is an excellent way to honour the memory of a precious family member at the wedding. One consideration when choosing a vintage piece is whether the dress can endure more altering, in case it doesn’t fit well.

Designer Darlings

Many brides, meanwhile, choose to go all out for their special day by incorporating little extras, from multiple-tiered cakes to destination wedding locations and designer dresses. For brides opting for a couture dress, there is a sheer pleasure in wearing a piece made especially for them. Designer dresses tend to be pricier than ready-to-wear or heirloom pieces, but they’re unique and something the bride can call her own.

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Designer pieces, moreover, make good tradition starters. As they’re made with top materials and by proven makers, they’re likely to stand the test of time, in case the family needs a new heirloom piece.

Ultimately, the decision boils down to the way your dress will make you feel on the day itself and down the road. You may save a relatively larger amount on an heirloom dress, but if your heart is set on a new designer piece, would you look back on your wedding photos with the same enthusiasm? If you feel like spending on a brand new dress and you know you have the means, then why not? After all, you only walk down the aisle once – well, usually.