Speech Development In Differently-Abled Children

Little boy holding a book with letters coming out of his mouth

A lot has been said about the power of speech. From the cautionary to the cautiously optimistic, speech is the key to personal and career success. Indeed, no one can understate the importance of speech and communication. But while a majority of the population know of speech’s natural development, some differently-abled children are not as lucky.

Speech Therapy

If you have a child suffering from any of these conditions, you should seriously consider speech therapy. Nowadays, there are many approaches available from some of the most competent and knowledgeable speech therapists. From speech therapy articulation games to therapy, these various methods are all geared toward helping your child improve their ability to communicate.

Autism and Speech Development

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with autism, you have probably noticed how their speech slowly progresses when compared to other children. When a child is diagnosed along the autism spectrum, a language deficit is almost always expected. Except for children with Asperger’s syndrome, these kids struggle with both expressive and receptive language.

Also, a large number of children on the autism spectrum also suffer from a coexisting condition called Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

Cleft Palate and Speech Development

By the age of 5, most children with a cleft palate will be able to develop normal speech. For half of them though, speech therapy will prove to be an indispensable component of their speech development. Even after the palate has been repaired, a significant number of children born with this defect will still need speech aid in one form or another.

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Being a parent requires more than love and understanding. You also need vigilance and dedication to check if your child is progressing well. If a child displays any of these issues, it is best to consult with your pediatrician or doctor to know which is the best way to approach this matter.