Selenium Tool: The Facts about Automation Testing and Its Difference between Manual

AutomationSelenium is the most renowned browser automation tool. Several methods are available, but the ideal way is to utilize Selenium web testing through WebDriver. This potent API constructs on top of Selenium and notifies the browser by calling it to automate it. It can perform actions, like “see whether the link opens this URL”, “open this web page” and “click this link”, to name a few. This is perfect when operating automated tests.

Automation Testing

Test automation is the usage of a distinct software tool to manage the implementation of tests and the assessment of definite results with projected results. It can automate some monotonous, but essential jobs in an already prepared formal testing procedure. Furthermore, it can run more testing that would be hard to do manually. This makes it a crucial solution in achieving continuous testing and delivery.

Manual vs Automation

Manual testing won’t always be precise because of the natural human error, which is why it can sometimes be unreliable. It can be quite laborious, so it takes up human resources. The company will also need to invest in necessary human resources, and manual testing would have to be sequentially operated. Although, this type of testing doesn’t require programming.

On the other hand, automated testing is more dependable for scripts and tools operate it. Since software tools execute the testing process, it is considerably quicker than the manual method. To test tools, the company would still need to invest, particularly since automation testing requires the operation of several different machines simultaneously. For this type, programming is a requirement.

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As you can deduce from the points discussed above, automation testing is fast, reliable, reusable and saves on resources. It can perform many test cases at the same time and removes the risk of human error. It can even be used on different software versions and reduces the number of resources used.