Secure and Truly Private Browsing for the Ordinary Web User

VPN on laptop monitorRecently, featured an article under the Intelligence section about the published documents allegedly from the CIA, which reveal how much hacking and surveillance power the agency has. The reports state that the CIA can hack your TV, your smartphone, and even your car. You may be terrified by this, especially if you value your privacy.

Encrypted Tunnel

Fortunately, Private Tunnel shared that you can ensure your own privacy using a secure VPN service (virtual private network). The network acts like an encryption-protected tunnel to your service provider. The data you send or receive on your computer or smartphone will be protected. Hackers, even unwanted surveillance, can be deterred using a VPN.

Secure Connection

You can enjoy the benefits of a VPN when you work or surf outside. You may be in a coffee shop, the airport, at a park, or anywhere else with a public Wi-Fi. With a VPN, all data sent and received by your computer or your smartphone will be encrypted. This includes peer-to-peer services such torrent downloads. You can even use a VPN to spoof your location, allowing you to access region-locked content.

The Best Providers

Now that you know about virtual private networks, you may be thinking of getting the best provider out there. Industries have long used virtual private networks. And you, the ordinary individual user, can search for VPNs vouched for by businesses. A VPN provider with an excellent reputation tells you their service is of high quality.

Premium Service for a Price

Expect to pay a premium for a premium service. Although free VPNs exist, they have several caveats. With the right price, you can instead use premium VPN service that gives you security, stability, and reliability. Many tech experts online can lead you to a great VPN service.

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Before you sign up for a service, however, you need to look first at the compatibility of the VPN to your devices. Some VPNs work only on computers, while others work mainly on smartphones. The best VPNs work on both devices, though.

With a VPN, you can be at peace that hackers, nor the authorities, can hack you.