Research Claims Job Satisfaction Among Britons Up in 2017

a stressed-out Briton becuase of his jobJob satisfaction among employed Britons improved in 2017, but industrial and financial recruitment agencies like Kennedy Pearce Consulting Ltd may become busier in 2018 due to a likely increase in vacant positions.

Investors in People’s research showed that one out of five people have begun to look for new opportunities. While they have not yet decided on a specific time frame, this indicates that employers would need to have a contingency plan for their replacements.

Happy Workers

The human resource management firm based its findings on 2,000 respondents. One out of four feels dissatisfied with their jobs, while poor management served as the major reason for their sentiment. Despite the trend, the number of unhappy workers dropped in 2017 year over year, according to the research.

IIP CEO Paul Devoy said that the research shed light on some critical issues that employers should address soon, especially if top employees suddenly exhibit a decline in performance.

Salary Growth

Salary issues ranked next on the respondents’ reasons for contemplating on their next job hunt, with 40 per cent of respondents that cited their compensation as the reason for workplace unhappiness. Despite an increase in average salaries during 2017, the rate of inflation has negated it, according to a separate study by jobs site Adzuna.

The national average salary amounted to £32,598 between October and November, up 1.2 per cent year over year. Inflation stood at 3.1 per cent in the year to October, which meant that real salaries have dropped by 0.4 per cent. An analysis of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development data estimated that salaries in 2018 would drop by 0.7 per cent after inflation.

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Some workers are willing to sacrifice higher pay for the sake of a competent management group, as evidenced by the IIP research. If employees remain unhappy with their salaries and superiors, companies should expect an exodus of staff anytime soon.