Product Photography: Success in Online Retail

Woman shopping onlinePretend you’re shopping online—not too hard since most of us have done it. A backpack catches your eye. You open the seller’s page only to find out that they only have one product photo. Sure, they describe the backpack’s specs in detail, but you can’t really see any of that, now can you? They say that it comes in all the colors of the rainbow. Fantastic! You want the indigo-colored one, but the only existing photo is a light blue one. Would you still buy it? Congratulations! Your shopping experience just turned into a guessing game!

Now, look at things from a seller’s perspective. You’re setting up an online business. You have items you want to sell. The next step is to take photos of the products. If you want to sell anything online, it’s imperative that you provide quality photos of your products for sale.

Here comes the hard part: Are you going to take the photos yourself or will you hire someone else to do it for you?

You Vs. The Pros

You might be wondering why you need to hire others to do something as basic as taking a photo. Ask yourself these things: Can you operate a high-end camera? Do you have all the equipment needed? Are you familiar with photo editing software? If you said no to any of these things, then you might want to consider hiring others to do the job. Studios such as Pixel Perfect Photography Studio hires professional photographers who can make your products stand out. Studios also own all the gear and equipment necessary to take the perfect photo.

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Shoppers like to see photos of items they want to purchase. If your product photos don’t look top-notch, then there’s a chance that your merchandise or whatever it is you are offering won’t sell.

A picture’s worth a thousand words. You only need to shop online to know it’s true.