Preparing Your Little Ones for School: 3 Ways to Cope with Separation Anxiety

Kids riding school busIt’s always a proud moment for parents to send their little ones to school. As exciting as it sounds, however, many parents bore a lot of worries about the idea. One of the biggest challenges of having kids attend school is dealing with separation anxiety.

While most people would consider it as a normal occurrence, you could do something to take off the stress and fear of your children towards school. Here’s how:

1. Find Them a New Friend

A totally new environment with unfamiliar faces could bring fear to your child. To help overcome their uneasiness towards school, why not try finding a pal or a friend they could go within the same school. They could be someone from the same class or a kid around the neighborhood who’s also attending school. Having a buddy by their side could bring a feeling of belongingness and comfort.

2. Tour Their New School

For them not to be confused as class starts, it’s good to give them a tour around the school. This is to help them be more familiar with their surroundings. In addition, it would be great to have them meet the staff and teachers, so they’ll feel more at ease when they see them on the first day. In Kearns, most preschool facilities welcome school tours to help kids be more at ease before classes officially open.

3. Teach Them to be Independent

Months before their first day, be sure to train on how to do things on their own. Things, like eating their snacks and cleaning after, would teach them how to be more independent. When they are at school, you have to tell them that crying isn’t always the solution if something doesn’t work out. This is also a great way to instill discipline and sense of responsibility into them.

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Prevent first-day jitters to your little ones with these steps. You need to be prepared for whatever’s to come so your kids could enjoy a happy school-day. Remember that everything is about the experience, so you need to focus your approach around it.