Prepare for Your First Open House with These 5 Steps

Beautiful homeSo, you’re finally done with your renovations and are ready to set up for your first open house. The question is, is your home ready? There are many things you should consider when selling a house. Real estate expert Donald Bake Inc. explains that the market can change on a monthly basis.

A price that’s good this month may not work for the next. Which means that you must have a timeline for the entire process. Here are some tips that will help you get through your first open house in the timeliest way possible.

1. Clean up and De-Clutter

A clean house will definitely show the true beauty of your home. Hire professional cleaners if you have to. Professionals can get in those corners that you normally wouldn’t get to clean yourself.

2. Keep Overly-Personal Displays

These would mean removing family pictures, or souvenirs you’ve collected through your travels. You’ll want your potential buyers to start with a clean slate and picture their stuff in your home, not yours.

3. Conduct Odor Control

You can’t usually tell what your house actually smells like because you’ve lived in it too long. Ask a friend or the cleaners you hire if they notice any foul smells and act on it at once. Baking soda does wonders in removing foul odors.

4. Spruce Up Your Kitchen and Bath

Stage a dinner by setting the table with your best dishes and table linens. Buy new towels, rugs, and soap for your bathroom.

5. Organize Drawers and Cabinets

Buyers do look through cabinets and drawers to know what they can put in them once they move in. Either clear yours out or organize them.

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Be sure that you work with a professional broker to help you in this endeavor. They may help you sell your property by holding a broker’s open house as well. Stage your home for your potential buyers, and you just might get the perfect sale on your first open house.