Places Worth Coming Back to

TravelThere are so many destinations worth a visit. You can spend a day in one city, but others need a longer time for exploration. Depending on what you're looking for, you could go on a budget holiday or splurge on food and experiences. Some destinations, however, are worth coming back to. 

Here are some places you should go back to when you have the time and the money: 


Singapore may not be a big place, but it's got a lot to offer. From Sentosa to hawker food, you'll never run out of things to enjoy over and over again. To make the most of your stay, travel blogs suggest getting a Sentosa annual pass from the Sentosa Online Store, which you can repeatedly use to enjoy Sentosa whenever you come back to Singapore. 


If you love coffee, Melbourne is a great place to visit. The calling is even stronger if you have a deep appreciation for the arts, as well. Come back to Melbourne to taste artisanal coffee that's not just the usual international brands you've gotten used to. Melbourne has a lot of small players who offer surprisingly great coffee, and they are located just around areas where art also thrives. Melbourne's culture is defined by coffee and art, so if these are your main interests, you'll never be tired of coming back. 

Napa Region 

If you love wine, you need to head to Napa County at least once. And because wineries in the area have a constant flow of bottles of wine, every visit is a unique experience. Feel free to buy boxes of wine every time you come back, so you can understand what others mean when they say a particular year's wine is good or bad. 

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There are places you have to see once in your life, but there are others that deserve more attention. These are just three of them.