Must-Try American Dishes According to Four Major States

Hard shell tacosAmerica, with no doubt, is one of the best countries to enjoy food. From classic cheeseburgers to homey apple pies, the country boasts of delicious dishes that you should try in their respective states. Dine and experience the flavors of America as represented by the following states.

New York

There are so many dishes to try in New York, but if it’s your first time in the state, you better not miss the pizza. Greasy, appetizing, and always folded in half, the classic dish remains true to a New Yorker’s taste. It’s something you can enjoy in a five-star restaurant or in a corner booth in the suburbs, which perfectly represents the diversity of the state.


Fresh, healthy, and tasty. That’s how you describe California food. If you find yourself in San Diego, never miss the fish tacos, which you can enjoy with a variety of seafood such as crabs, scallops, and red snappers. California is also famous for avocados as it represents the health-conscious demographic of the state. The fruit goes well with almost anything, including burgers, ice cream, and even toast.


With no doubt, Chicago’s deep-dish pizza best represents the food in Illinois. Made of layers of sauce and cheese generously piled in the dough, deep-dish pizza is something you can order in restaurants and food trucks. You should also try Illinois’ Italian beef sandwiches or pork tacos, which you can have in a Mexican restaurant in Springfield.


With no doubt, the best barbecue in America is found in Texas. The southern state offers plenty of barbecue dishes to choose from, including Texas-style barbecue brisket (brisket coated in a spicy rub) and 240-day-aged rib-eye that goes best with corn and slaw. Texas is also famous for its steakhouses, which you can find in almost every major city.

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Whether you’re going to Texas or visiting New York, don’t miss the abovementioned dishes for a memorable and one-of-a-kind trip.