More Than Bali: Indonesia’s Other Spectacular Tourist Spots

a tourist spot in Bali, IndonesiaWhen tourists think about spending a holiday in Indonesia, Bali almost instantly crosses their mind because of its crystal clear waters and sunny beaches.

For those looking for less explored areas, there are other places in the world’s biggest archipelago that offer more than a dip in the sea. Tourist attractions in Batam Island, for example, are expected to be one of the top 10 destinations in the world for 2017, as more people search for alternative places in the country.

World Rankings

With the increasing use of online travel portals today, tourists have found it easier to plan their holiday ahead of time. In 2016, searches for Batam Island rose 51% year over year. Belitung and Solo are some of the destinations that are quickly becoming more popular, with a 90% and 79% increase in searches last year respectively.

By 2030, Indonesia’s economy is expected to be the seventh biggest in the world, according to McKinsey. This will partly contribute to a surge in the country’s middle-class sector that has been experiencing growth in disposable income on average per year.

Other Places

Lombok, Sumatra and Java are some of the best alternatives to Bali for your next visit. Even if you’re travelling to Indonesia for the first time, these places are as an equally good choice to spend time. From outdoor activities to ancient temples and magnificent wildlife, you would most likely say that it wasn’t a bad choice to pick these areas instead of Bali.

Indonesia certainly has more to offer for travel enthusiasts, that’s why it’s best not to limit yourself to a single place. Whether you prefer to relax at pink-sand beaches today or take a hike in rainforests on the next, several tourist spots in the country allow you to do them to fulfil that desire even on a whim.

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