Mistakes to Avoid When Pruning Hedges

A cleanly cut lawnThe last thing that you want is for your neighbours and visitors to witness the tragedy that is the state of your front lawn. Be proud of your property by taking care of your landscape, especially your hedges. According to tree maintenance specialists like Tree Fellers, regular hedge pruning, feeding and watering are essential to retaining your lawn’s health and beauty.

Furthermore, here are some typical hedge maintenance slip ups you should avoid:

Mistake No. 1: Shearing hedges without hand-pruning them first

Whether your shears are power trimmers or hand-held tools with long blades similar to long scissors, use them to trim off the tips of branches. This will help keep the hedges trimmed and neat, besides encouraging bud production near the edges of the plants.

As these buds multiply, your shrub will get thicker that the sun cannot get through it, which stops interior growth. This will lead to a hedge that grows bigger every year but is lifeless inside. Proper pruning enables sunlight to penetrate and allows you to trim shrubs to manage their size.

Every time you shear, ensure that you use bypass hand pruners to form hedge spaces to give way to air and light. Now and then, reach inside and trim a couple of branches at a 45-degree angle. This is just above a leaflet or nub that is growing in the direction that you want it to grow.

Mistake No. 2: Pruning at the wrong time

You should never prune your hedges in the late winter. This is the time when your plants are not producing buds and are dormant. Find out when is the optimal time to prune your shrubs and work accordingly. For instance, evergreens need pruning early in the season because they usually grow slower than other plants.

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Nothing looks better than rows of thick shrubs to define your boundary lines and borders. This will help keep pets and children in or out, as well as, give birds food and shelter. Ensure that you take good care of it by pruning it properly.