Managing Smoking Addiction

quit smokingIf you want to quit smoking, you know that removing smoking triggers will not completely stop the cravings. Even without the smoking triggers, you – you will look for a cigarette again. You might try to use electronic cigarette starter kits at first as Green Smart Living suggests, but it still may be a challenge to fight the urge to smoke. You could wait for a while fighting the urge and find your cravings go away. This may sound easy, but you may need other tactics to manage your cravings:

Distract yourself

Turn on the television to watch a show. Do some housework: wash the dishes, clean the floor, or organize your shelves. Keeping yourself busy helps to take your mind off your cravings.

Remind yourself why you want to quit

Create a reminder so you recall why you want to quit. Make a digital reminder on your mobile phone so that you receive a reminder throughout the day. Reminding yourself why you are quitting in the first place will help you forget about your cravings and focus on something more worthwhile.

Resist a tempting situation

A place or a situation could trigger your cravings, so avoid situations where you might be exposed to smoking or smokers. A change of scenery could help you make the right decision.

Reward yourself

Reward yourself after dealing with your cigarette cravings successfully. You will be motivated to do better the next time you experience them.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are exposed to cigarette smoke or other triggers, you can do the following to control the craving:

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1. Keep your hands busy by doing household chores. Hold something in your hands, like a pen or paper clip. As long as you are doing something with your hands, you ca distract yourself until the urge passes.=

2. Instead of lighting a cigarette, you might want to replace it first with an e-cigarette. Limit the number of times you use your e-cigarette so that you can lessen your cravings.

3. Do activities that will calm you down. You can read a book, listen to music, or meditate. Keep your mind busy, too. You can play games or read books. Think about something else, so you will not even think of smoking.

4. Be active. Aerobic exercises, sports and yoga can help your mind focus. Physical activity helps improve your health and concentration. You might change your diet and drink water to lessen withdrawal symptoms.

If you continue to have a healthy body and mind, you will not even think of going back to smoking. You will eventually know that the rewards and benefits of quitting smoking are far beyond what you can imagine. Just believe in yourself and quit smoking forever!