Make Your Sydney Holiday Fun with More People and Less Worries

City view of Sydney AustraliaTwitter is abuzz with fury over the price of a water bottle at the Sydney Airport. With plain old water costing $9, it makes sense if you would want to look for ways to reduce the cost of travelling in and around this popular Australian city. Managing costs becomes more challenging when you are booking for a large group, however.

Not to worry; these hacks should help you make the most of your trip without draining your finances:

Utilise coaches

If it is your first time to visit Sydney via Sydney Airport, you will be surprised at the exorbitant cost of parking fees. Now imagine taking several small vehicles to transport everyone in your group. There are independent car parks you could use, but even better, find Sydney coaches to help you navigate the roads without having to pay for multiple vehicles. Plus, it eases road congestion.

Ask about occupancy limits

For holidays that last several days, you will need a place to stay. It may seem easy if you have booked a hotel room for a family of four before, but once the numbers add up and children are added into the mix, you will find it a bit challenging to fit everyone comfortably while minding your budget. Consider your options: hotels, hostels and Airbnb. Compare costs for the number of people you have. Hotels can be a bit strict when it comes to how many people stay in one room, but some accommodation rentals could offer extra beds as needed.

Plan your itinerary

Whether your rental car comes with a driver or not, you will need to think about the price of fuel as you go from one destination to another. Be smart and cover ground as efficiently as you can. For example, cover all landmarks and interesting areas close to one another before driving off to the other side of Sydney. You save fuel and time this way.

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Travelling with more people either means multiplying the fun or the hassle. Do it wisely, so you enjoy with the people you hold dear.