Make Fitness Fun: Try These Outdoor Trampoline Games

Outdoor TrampolineWhen people see a trampoline, they might assume that it’s a toy used only by children. What they don’t know is that trampolines can provide a great aerobic workout.

Recently, people have started to use trampolines for fitness purposes. To make exercise more fun to everyone, trampoline games are incorporated in an exercise session.

Here are some trampoline games that can bring joy to any workout:

Dance Party

It’s definitely fun to see people spring back and forth while they keep up with tempo and rhythm of the music. This game is similar to an aerobics class. Everyone will be dancing (and jumping) simultaneously to the tune of the music.

To make things a little more competitive, a “dance ‘til you drop” element can be introduced in the middle of the game. Players will simply keep on dancing and jumping until all but one gets tired.

Quiz Game

People sometimes look for a mix of physical and mental workout. In this game, the letters A to Z will be written in the outer circle while the numbers 0 to 9 will be written in the inner circle. The quiz master will ask a question and the players will need to spell the answer by landing on the correct letters or numbers.

One alternative to this game is to jump on the trampoline with the correct answer. The quiz master will ask a question and players would rush from the starting line to the correct trampoline. The first person to jump on the correct trampoline gets the point.

Trampoline Basketball

To play this game, a trampoline basketball hoop must be attached to the edge of the trampoline. Players would bounce back and forth as they try to shoot the ball into the hoop. To avoid overcrowding, only four players should play this game.

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People can also create their own trampoline games. They can start with simple games and add special rules to make the game more challenging and make exercise a lot more fun.