Latest Enhancements in Paint Protection Film

Man Polishing CarMost vehicle owners undoubtedly know the benefits that paint protection film has for their cars. It enhances your paint’s durability by protecting it from dents and scratches from debris common on most roads. This film is called clear bra and has been around for some time.

Since its inception, the film has undergone various enhancements. These enhancements are meant to make sure the clear bra protects your car from current road problems in Arizona. SmartFilm agrees that even with all these enhancements, paint protection film remains inexpensive.

Here are the latest improvements for clear bra which companies such as SmartFilm share.

Full Clear Bra Wrap

In the past, paint protection film was used only on the front or back of a car. However, it resulted in one part of the vehicle retaining its shiny new paint while the rest of the car looking old and in need of a repaint. To counter this problem, there is now a full paint protection film you can use to wrap your entire car.

Increased Durability

Clear bra now lasts longer than it used to. It is primarily because current films have vinyl and ceramic additions which significantly extend their longevity. These additions improve not only durability but also your film’s look, making it easy to clean your car and maintain the film.

Self-Healing Properties

You might be skeptical of getting a clear bra in the belief that you will have to replace it after small dents. Current paint protection films are self-healing. This means your film will automatically iron out any dents and look new throughout regardless of what it is exposed to.

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With the above enhancements, you can be sure that clear bra is the superior protection option for your vehicle. To ensure it performs at its very best, get it expertly installed. Routine maintenance works by experts are also essential for your films longevity.