Knowing the Workings of Advertising Campaigns

Advertising concept shotAds, regardless of the medium, are an important part of any society. They are not just about selling products and services. They can define a generation, a habit, and a culture. Thus, if you want to know something about a society, a country, or a locality, just look at their ads.

Insightful and memorable ad campaigns, such as California Milk Processor Board’s “Got Milk?” and Nike’s “Just Do it,” can reveal a lot about their audiences and the people handling the brand. These ads do not just happen overnight, though. Behind them is a process that requires a village to work on them.

This is how an advertising campaign works:

Getting the insight

Insights, in advertising language, are the universal truths or problems that a brand seeks to solve with its products or services. At this stage, the agency’s planners or strategists look for problems and situations that can be addressed by the brand. They also identify the target audience. Once the insights are identified, the planners will then craft the campaign’s key messaging.

Delving into the creatives

After the target audience and the insights are identified, it’s the creative team’s turn to work. The team will create executions that use the available media: television, print, radio, and digital. It’s the creative team’s job to create interesting, insightful, and attention-grabbing ads.

Reaching the target

Once the ads are made, they will then be relayed to the agency’s in-house team or the client’s preferred media agency. The media agency’s job is to make sure that the campaign will reach the right people. They will buy and negotiate for media spaces. The team is usually composed of a statistician, an analytics expert, a media planner, and a media buyer in Utah.

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There is a lot of things happening in every ad campaign. So the next time you see an interesting TV ad, you will be reminded of how hard the agency people have worked for it.