IT Certifications: Are They Really Important?

An IT ProfessionalOther than ease of communication, one of the most useful benefits of the World Wide Web is how it made business transactions easier for people all over the world. As such, the need for professionals in the field of information technology (IT) is on the rise. Like in other fields of businesses, certifications are required to make it big in the IT industry.

What are IT certifications?

IT certifications serve as proof that a professional is competent in certain aspects of technology. This is attained through an educational experience and skills assessment. Different educational institutions offer training and certifications. But unlike other methods of certification in other fields, certification in IT is often vendor-specific.

What are the different types of IT certification?

Some of the most common certification providing bodies include Microsoft, CompTIA, and Cisco. CertBlaster mentions that IT professionals choose which niche to certify at. Most professionals choose to start with Security+ SY0-051 before going a notch higher and train to become an analyst or any other type of certified professionals.

Why do you need one?

Like in other fields of work, having a certification increases your credibility as an IT professional. Once you have a certification, companies would be able to see your value and appreciate your knowledge regarding the field and this would, in turn, increase your marketability. Increased market value is good for your personal and career growth.

There is always a debate whether or not a certification is more valuable than experience when it comes to the field of information technology. The answer? Both should be able to complement each other. While there are skills that can only be learned through experience, there are doors of opportunities that can be opened through certifications. Learn how to balance both theory and practice to be able to thrive in this field.

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