Improve Your Turkey Hunting Game with these Lessons

Man hunting with the dogHave you spent much of your Michigan off time trying to hunt down turkey this spring season and have failed each time? For beginning hunters, you will have to train yourself on how to hunt turkey better. You will have to learn how to be patient and quiet on a hunt.

You will have to learn different tactics that can bag you the gobbler you want. And, as D&R Sports Center highly recommends, grab the right gear before you go hunting.

To help you in your learning, you can look at the following lessons:

Scout the Terrain

Before you ever try to take down a turkey, you can first do your homework. Homework means the necessary preparations to learn the terrain and behavior of turkeys. You can take a walk around your intended hunting grounds.

You can observe the terrain for signs that indicate migration points or feeding grounds.

Use your Binoculars

To prevent spooking incoming turkeys, you can hide somewhere and scan the area with your binoculars. You can better devise a game plan when you know the terrain and if you hear gobbles. You can observe the turkeys in this way as well.

Great Hunting Spots

Now, once you know the lay of the land, you can start your strategy to where you will take the shot. You can choose turkey travel routes. A good spot will be to hide near the route between turkey roosts and turkey morning food.

Alternately, you can hit the flock in their feeding grounds. The strut zones of gobblers can also be a great place to hunt.

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Evening Tactics

In hunting during the evening, however, you will have to employ a different set of tactics. You can still set up along travel routes, but you can conceal yourself better with a natural or camouflage hide. You had better stay quiet in the evening as well since evening turkeys do not make noise much.

Of course, besides tactics and other hunting expertise, you need the appropriate equipment to hunt. You can have yourself outfitted by hunting shops in Michigan.