Important Study Tip: Make Reading Work for You

Students reading and studying

Reading is a fundamental skill that you need in this world. Basically, it has two purposes — to keep you informed and to keep you entertained. While reading for entertainment can be done effortlessly, reading for information (that is studying or reviewing) sometimes proves to be difficult. Primarily, this is caused by stress, pressure, and wrong motivation.

Reading for information can be fun, too — if you have the right mindset and methods. Whether you are reviewing for your ACT prep course or preparing for a pop quiz, here are some tips that will help you make reading work for you:

Start with the summary

With bulks and blocks of text on the page, you will surely feel discouraged to read the entire material. The key here is not to go over these blocks of text right away. What you have to do is get yourself acquainted with the facts — that is to look for key details first before referring to the body of the articles. Read first the chapter introduction, or if your book has sections that summarize each chapter, read them and then look back at the text.

Use bullet points

Do not just read; you have to take notes. Get what you need from the book and write it down the way you understand it. To make things much easier, you can use bullet points. If this does not work for you, you can use other mnemonic devices, such as codes and acronyms.

Do not rush

Half of the time, people despised informative reading and reviewing because of the stress and pressure they get from them. To avoid unnecessary stress, you need to give yourself enough leeway. The right amount of time will allow you to read your material effectively.

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Make reading and studying work for you by streamlining some of your personal rituals. You can make it fun by inviting your classmates. Do not hesitate to seek help from your school’s study groups or counselors.