Identify the Different Types of Lighting Suited for Your Shoot

Professional photographerAre you thinking about the types of photos you want to produce? One of the many aspects to consider is lighting. You have a couple of options when it comes to choosing the type of lighting you want to have for your shoot. Knowing some info about each allows you to identify which works best for your theme.

JayLynn Photography Studio and other experts on photography from Salt Lake City list the following types you can consider for your shoot:

Ambient Lighting

This is a source of non-direct light that bounces off from a surface to another surface. As a result, the brightness of an object is lower compared to other forms of lighting. This type is ideal for landscapes and nature, but it is still a viable option for other genres based on the need of the shoot.

Side Lighting

As the name suggests states, this type uses lighting — whether it be natural or artificial — coming from the side. This enables photographers to get the right amount of contrast, and also add shadows to images. This lighting enables a photographer to create depth to the photos they take. This type adds a touch of drama to portraits and pictures of buildings.

Rim Lighting

When light enters at a certain angle it creates highlights along the edges of a photographer’s subject. This also results in contrasts that distinguish shapes and forms, making an impactful image whether it is wildlife or nature.

Back Lighting

This type is when lighting is facing the camera and is behind the desired subject. This results in silhouettes, highlighting the shape and form of the object. When the photographer combines this type with certain conditions such as dust and fog, a photo may get a touch of drama.

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These are only some of the types of lighting you can use for your photo shoot. Determining the theme of your shoot enables you to identify which type works best.