How to Succeed at PPC on a Small Budget

Pay per click on laptopIt is fairly common to think that you need a big budget to succeed at PPC or pay-per-click. However, small businesses or businesses that do not have that much money to spend on PPC might not have the option of using their entire marketing budget for PPC.

Could a PPC campaign succeed on a small budget? Below are some tips to help you optimise your PPC budget, regardless of its size.

Consider Keeping Your Campaign Local

If your business only operates within your state, you do not need to build your PPC campaign to target the entire country, just your state. If you are short on funds, limit your target to your city or county.

Try Remarketing

Generally speaking, remarketing is a more targeted approach for reaching individuals that have already conveyed some interest in your site since they have already visited it before, explains an experienced PPC specialist who also offers SEO reseller services in Australia.

Remarketing could generate excellent results with more economical clicks.

Consider Bidding on Branded Clicks

Whenever possible, always bid on brand terms, particularly if you have yet to build a strong organic presence and your non-brand clicks are performing well. Branded bids are more affordable, plus you would not want your competitors bidding on your brand, because some actually do.

Schedule Your Ads Wisely

For example, if the majority of your leads appear sometime between 9 AM to 7 PM, you could schedule your ads to run only during that time and then turn them off after those hours. You could likewise consider reducing your bids by about 50% to 60% in a specific period.

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Go With a Call-Only PPC Campaign

Call-only ads only appear in mobile search results specifically on mobile devices capable of making calls. This is an especially crucial strategy for businesses that offer services, instead of actual products.

And since Google now displays more ads at the top of mobile search results, instead of using up your budget to get to #1, you could opt for #2 and still experience increased conversions.

There is no doubt that your PPC budget plays a vital role in your campaign’s performance. But it is not a guarantee of success if you do not know how to spend your budget well. With the tips mentioned above, however, you could effectively maximise your PPC campaign’s success no matter how small or big your budget is.